And the Aten is not supported under Win 8. Sep 28, Posts: Note on Windows Wed Nov 02, 5: Did you find this article useful? Not Win8 compatible device cannot start and didn’t work properly on XP or Vista. I had to look into them because my dad’s aircraft nav GPS wouldn’t work properly with cheaper ones.

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As very well explained by hdhosseini. ATEN tech support sent me the following: I could not find the chipset used in the GUCA.

Serial to USB adapter — Parallax Forums

Make sure you download the current driver from FTDI. In Windows 8 Device Manager the yellow warning symbol will show for converters that used to work in Windows 7 but are too old to work now: Is your problem a driver problem or a problem with whatever you are trying to connect it to?

How to install the bit driver: But I do seem to recall some CNC units didn’t work with cheaper ones because they didn’t match RS electrical signaling specs, or something like that, where the KeySpan does. Oct 3, Posts: ATEN adapters are pretty well supported.


How to uninstall the current driver: No I did not find this article helpful. I did have to let one netbook I have go look for a driver, but it did it by itself and now works fine. Before buing the Parallax adapter, my laptop has USB3 ports. The driver will now be un-installed.

In Windows 8 a newer name brand converter will work fine: The driver will now be installed. Additional information There is no additional information available for this article.

Qten, this particular blue cable installs as a Prolific chipset, but it looks like the “fake” version epoxy blob instead of IC visible detailed in the post Erco, What are you programming?

Procedure If a driver is already installed, you should uninstall the current driver first. Comments 21 Comments sorted by Date Added Votes. Wed Nov 02, 5: Unfortunately they are the OLD version If the Bridgemate Pro server uses a direct serial connection port or another brand of USB-serial converter, do not use this driver.

Connecting to PLC with USB to SERIAL converter – Entries – Forum – Industry Support – Siemens

Here is what I do It worked great on XP and Vista and was my preferred adapter in most cases. One of the gurus in the PicAxe forum showed that the cheap CP usb adapters worked only after adding two inverters: Does it show up in the Windows Device Manager as a valid com: So if your USB to Serial converter worked in Windows 7 and doesn’t work in Windows 8, it is probably zten you have an older or no-name brand converter that does not have the latest version of chip in it.


For what its worth I have frequently used the converter for the bit version. Fri Oct 21, 5: Almost all the problems i met in the last 10 years with RS ateb were related with a Usb converter Regards, Marcjan. Almost all the problems i met in the last 10 years with RS communication were related with a Usb converter Regards, Marcjan Best regards And new drivers wont help it.

Stay away from these cheap blue things.