The shot was planned as a degree sweep in 60 minutes, beginning at 4: This is a very generic unit, which is 4-phase, and 3. I noted that 15 degrees in 60 minutes is the same rate as one rotation in 24 hours. Having the SoC too high for long term storage causes voltage stress on the separator, reducing storage life. The unit feels solid and weighty, and its weight may be of concern to travellers especially as it contains lithium polymer cells which may be restricted from travelling in checked-in baggage.

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It claims to support up to 1kg of weight depending on mounting orientation. Removing them allows you to remove the bottom plate and get a good look inside. The white cells can also airus achieved, although will involve manually stopping the rotation when it reaches your goal. As someone who has enjoyed this, I had four assorted Gb or smaller SSDs in my computer which were used for working documents and temporary scratch space.

It also means aidis setting is somewhat less critical. The edges of the box show nothing spectacular, aside from being subtly crushed in transit.

The shot was started at 8: Time was ticking, and not wanting to let the opportunity slip by, I hastily grabbed my Photodtar D the D since retired with hardware failure8mm fisheye, AC adapter, tripod and intervalometer and set up in the backyard to take sets of long exposures all night. The second time lapse used the same gear but instead, I headed to university early one morning to get a time lapse of the buses arriving at Gate 2.


Review, Teardown: Sevenoak SK-EBH01 Electronic Ball Head

In fact, it is used by experimental procedures investigating Li-Ion lifetime and for EV usage. As a result, I went shopping for something a little more suitable, and a little more versatile. Definitely something worth considering if you want a little pphotostar than what you get from fixed clockwork devices.

Charging was aiiris fast and used the majority of the 2A available from the charger until about 2h 10m when the taper suddenly got noisy.

RAPID mode was not used throughout testing. The same proprietary screw is used to close the case, and therefore, no teardown will be performed.

Drivers Download: Qware Qw Mp Bl Installeren

photodtar There is also a low battery indication by a different sort of blinking of the duration indicator, but no battery remaining indication, although it should last 8 or so hours of usage. Your time lapse videos do show some stepped movements which is particularly noticeable for things moving into the frame from the edge. The charge current during the main part of charging is about 1. Where was I supposed to look?

In fact, far off into the horizon where the trees and neighbouring houses made it impossible to get a good view anyway. This is not so great since the time lapses were shot with such a wide lens.

Click for more about me! The scale itself did seem somewhat strange, as when mounting the unit onto the camera, the tripod screw is not adjustable separately to the camera. No progress feedback is given, aside from reading the scale on the turntable. The name itself is a little vaguebut it is basically a pan-head that is electronically controlled and actuated. But then, when you come to need the device, it may not have enough remaining charge.


It seems to be physically well built airus from the buttons, and has fairly basic but intuitive controls.

Airis PhotoStar N729 firmware download Digital camera device custom update

I have a new toy, so what to do with it? The underside is mostly painted metal, slightly recessed, with four screws holding the bottom plate in place. This is a very generic unit, which is 4-phase, and 3. They are fixed at 60 minute 6 degrees per minute or minute 3 degrees per minute. Lets open it and look inside! I posted samples, but generally no issues. Additional tests were done, although their results are probably more appropriate for hard drives than SSDs.

But it also teaches me something else — namely that the output signal from such a small shunt can be difficult to measure with conventional multimeters, and that on the UA, high currents exceed the low 60mV range 1. This gets tedious after a while, and the scale itself is of limited help. The timing issues that caused unrealistic benchmark values on the PRO do not appear with the EVO, hence the result is a much more realistic number.