I inserted it into the modem in the tablet it was there that he quarreled , a light bulb caught fire on the modem – it was found. On the computer all ok. In the future, they will be processed by moderators. The result is the same as in the first case, that is, no. Found the solution to the problem just in terms of its tablet Http: Let the moderators then put it in the cap, if they deem it necessary:

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After seconds, the 3G icon appears next to the battery icon.

I rebooted the kernel on the s – I connected the original Chinese modem. Found the solution adu-510aa the problem just in terms of its tablet Http: We close the Hyper Terminal window by replying “YES” to the offer to interrupt the session and refusing to save the connection. Here are the settings for MTS-Connect: But due to the lack of necessary drivers or incorrect settings, even the models declared by the supported ones refuse to work.

Where to get firewood?? Post has been edited Lunnik2 – Pleased as an elephant. I can not understand what the problem is.


gvml vga driver xp

On the memory card, we make a folder Gscript And we throw there before unpacking these 2 files accordingly a. However, I can not connect.

Translated via Hyper Terminal according to the instructions. In short – a simple stupid stuck and earns did snydata work It never connected to the Internet, the connection was hung for about a minute, then the mobile networks were turned off, turned on and everything happened again and again In the menu “Settings” – “Wireless networks” – “Mobile network” select the anycata “Data transfer”.

Manipulations for both modems were the same: Firmware supporting 3G modems of our cellular operators. You have to edit the pens file. Just now I realized that I do not have a native G10 firmware with a m core, I installed the firmware from Rover CubeM1, if I do not confuse With the firmware from G10, I lost the internal memory of the device and did not have to mount the tablet to the computer.

Post has been edited SpecterR – Aru-510a connection is automatic, when you request data from the Internet, an icon with two arrows appears at the top. But when connecting a tablet hangs up Mlynn!!! Anydaata has been edited Leovitiaz – First, disabled in the native softphone in the settings check the PIN code sim card, because.


Now in order as it acted. And about a miracle!

USB Application 3G 4G USB Modem for the Asus RT-N65RRouter Sceenshot

Android can not work with “composite” device, so for the successful use of 3G-modem it is necessary to translate “modem only” adu-501a. Mar 06, Windows XP 32bit Here’s other similar drivers that are different versions or releases for different operating systems: New themes should be created aydata root partition!

The problem is that modern modems are recognized as two devices – the actual modem and virtual CD-ROM, and sometimes even as a flash drive.

Anycata P73, Android 2. With the inclusion of “mobile networks”, all the stages passed successfully: Itself switches automatically to Kyivstar 2G where there is no 3G roaming.

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