So anyone can download MX4 and immediately enjoy using a new, full-functioning virtual instrument in their studio. Before installing, download and install the latest iLok Driver from http: Mac OS X v I was actually surprised that they would post it when there seems to be quite a few problems with it but then again they still haven’t read my tech support note from the 22 December so maybe they still don’t realise there are any problems! Included in this download are the latest drivers for the 8-bit and bit MIDI Express PC expansion cards the same drivers available elsewhere on this page.

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Installer contains update plug-in for DXi. Click the link below to download and install the latest iLok Extensions. Please refer to installer Read Me for changes and complete system requirements. You do not need a ROM update to use this driver. This update corrects aspects of the previous version of the console that prevent it from running on Windows This is a maintenance update of Electric Keys.


Please note, this download is very large and may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed. EXE file to install the console. This installer package version 1. Also, we recommend reviewing the DP 5.

Tech Notes

And the Oscar goes to Pre-release public beta version of Ethno Instrument for Vista x32 and x Before installing, download and install the latest iLok Driver from http: This program updates the ultrlite Traveler firmware to version 1. This installer adds OSX Home News Are you ready to tame Snow Leopard?

Follow the on-screen instructions. This update requires a previous hltralite install and authorization of Digital Performer 5. If you have not yet installed MachFive 3 on your computer, use the full 3.

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Installer contains a version 1. This version will not work with other devices. Sorry I can’t be of more assistance. This install provides compatibility updates uotralite Tiger OSX This program updates the Track16 firmware to version 1. This update includes an arpeggiator, enhanced loop slicing, compatibility with Windows 7, and more.


Follow on-screen instructions during installation. Must uptralite been something with the install of Snow Leopard. This download provides a complete full installation of MachFive 3. And the Oscar goes to Requires Stuffit Expander 5. Will only run on Mac OS versions 7. This version of the driver contains MIDI input timing improvements.

Are you ready to tame Snow Leopard?

Full documentation for this version update is contained in the Digital Performer 3. This is the console for the USB micro express. Traveler users who do not have the version 1.