Maybe a cooling problem? No further testing done. I added a gig of RAM to the system for a total It 1. My wife loves the one that I made for her and I love using mine at work. Also, how thick the drive cover is, and how is the drive connected?

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Motiin other issue I have is that they put the USB ports on the bottom and it is hard to plug anything in while you have the keyboard in.

I kept Win 7 and it seems to be fine. It only creates false hits in the search engines. Bringing old hardware back to life.

It cost me about as much as a 3. M being used for its Intended purpose, reading Comic books! Also, how thick the drive cover is, and how is the drive connected? Motion Computing Wi-Fi Tablets. Each of these units are designed to keep your system running smoothly and without slowdown.

Lots of really fast text eventually hanging with this being the last line: The Windows Experience Index increased the results for Graphics from 1.


It was mint perfect condition with nearly a new battery, same keyboard you have and the motion computing external dvd drive. Motion Wi-Fi Windows 7 Tablets. Comes with keyboard which snaps onto computer for easy carry.

Hard Drive Caddy and Connector is Missing. My wife loves the one that I made for her and I love using mine at work.

I was thinking that maybe a conventional mechanical 2. Since this thing doesnt want to finish the boot process for ubuntu i basically have no operating system and i vifeo think that grub2 even supports booting to a usb or anything like that.

Motion Tablet Buttons

June 14, at 6: These work environments can include ones with extreme temperatures, wet weather, and strong vibrations. Most driver links, all years old, have also been pulled down.

Are you also able to change the brightness of the screen? Originally Posted by mikeisme You are commenting using your Facebook account. Is it where it normally is or is it underneath the drive? Sleep works ok now. Don’t wjndows this space for a list of your hardware. April 3, at 3: The optional keyboard does work well with both XP and vomputing.


I bought this newer Tablet so I could run Windows 7.

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A tablet is a computing unit that is made to be very compact and lightweight, with the primary difference between the two being that a tablet consists solely of a touchscreen display without a physical keyboard. What is the difference between a tablet and a laptop? I don’t have the charger, so it is untested.

It worked better computkng running Windows XP. December 29th, 4. Comes to screen asking for password.

IT is a little more like a laptop then.