RU, applications, news, reviews, hardware. Pi is powered by a 2. Following is a list of prerequisites that you have to manually install in order to have the program working:. I have been testing this driver carefully but I am shure, there may be bugs left. As always, a bug in a device driver may crash the whole system. Before, my driver is told that the adapter was disconnected.

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You can configure the following elements: Also, I am an absolute beginner in network technology.

MCS – USB to 10/M Fast Ethernet Controller | ASIX

This work is done at my spare time and given to public for free. Hex-String 12 characters This is to be used by a network administrator – do not use it if you don’t know what you do. I had it plugged into a powered hub so I cannot say if it works connected directly to the pi. Needed to unplug and plug USB again. While it is advertised as USB 2. You may try BC or something else – as long it’s unique within your network. References v t e. When the link is lost but moshcip adapter ist still connected to USBthe driver tells transmit errors to the protocol trying to send.


After setting the paths, compiling and linking should work. To avoid this, disconnect the USB-side if you don’t need the adapter. Works out mcss7830 box very stable with asix kernel driver on latest raspbian 3.

Doesn’t seem to require any extra power supply. Cable Matters USB 3.

After link is back, it can take up to 10 Sec. You must not load the driver twice at config.

I think there is a little. Following ones are the download links for manual installation: The only disadvantage is the delay during boot with a USB connected adapter without an ethernet cable connected. Please feel free to use the driver and the source but note, that some of the string-functions are taken from the Virtual Pascal mocship. AN Ethernet chipset, pegasus driver, Max current mA.

With older kernels adapter working about 10 minutes without problem, but after that kernel write error message to dmesg and no packet is received. Adapter needs last raspbian kernel. As a workaround, doubling the socket buffer size will prevent the kernel oops: This entry is case-sensitive, write exactly as shown!


The hardest part was in fact getting the Linux source code required, because the repositores contained the source for the wrong kernel version.

This adapter works, but it probably requires a bit of work. Follow eCSoft2 on Twitter.

If you want to make things better you are invited to do so. This can be useful when investigating problems.

MosChip MCS7830 Free Driver Download (Official)

Retrieved from ” https: Works out of the box. To build the driver, you need: Leave this field blank. Works with a Model “A” Pi if plugged into an external maybe unpowered hub. Also this causes the driver to write some debug messages to internal buffer, e.