So there have been no changes made to the hardware. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: These range from the normal transport airport, car park, Petrol Station through to entertainment shopping centres etc. Kirrio is a French company that has been active since The mounting system is a modular design having a mounting plate on the end of the mount and a slide-in mounting receptacle on the back of the Palm PDA holder. Finally you can see the inside of the case.

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In the weeks of my testing I found no issues with this combination.

He decided that he would much rather just connect via Bluetooth. The image to the left below shows the Palm PDA connector at the bottom of the holder. The Probe was somewhat different as the cigar lighter socket is located in the centre console between the driver and the passenger. I then got another receiver out and found that that could not get a fix either. The end result is something that could be concealed in his car and just connected to when he gets close enough.

The GlobalSat BT in use Well this is what it is really all about not what it looks like or what is inside, but how does it work in real life.

I have since got an iPAQ and am sorry to say HP have really taken a step back with this release. I put it through some pretty nasty environments, where you would expect a Kitrio to fail, and it did, but it surpassed ggps expectations. The ratings below have been made on the assumption that the two known problems are fixed.


Why would you want to do this? The Kirrio pack also comes with an adjustable PDA holder, and a complete set of power leads.

Kirrip Can suffer from vibration to a lesser extenthave been known to fall off. I have found that no matter which GPS receiver I am using allowing it to get a good strong fix before venturing into marginal signal areas will always give you better reception. Forum

You are commenting using your WordPress. I am a bit concerned about kirrrio currency of the map data, and also about the contrast of the displayed maps.

This makes it great if you just want to carry it with you on a hike through the woods and not carry your PDA along. In the Chrysler Voyager the mount worked well, with the exception of the fact that the Palm PDA holder was located at knee level and couldn’t be seen very well.

The final and probably most important part of the package is the Kirrio Navigation software. The currency of the map data supplied appeared somewhat out of date. This at first concerned me. Essentially the BT consists 3 modules: These indicators can be difficult to see in strong sunlight.

This again is shielded, this time with copper foil. I believe that Bluetooth is the way to go certainly for outdoor GPS applications, the only thing stopping these configurations from being perfect is the implementation of Bluetooth on kirriio PDAs.


Kirrio is a French kirrjo that has been active since I put it through some pretty nasty environments, where you would expect a GPS to fail, and it did, but it surpassed my expectations.

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It is a sexy looking GPS receiver that performs well. Share This Page Tweet. Submit A Support Request. At the bottom of the screen there is an Info tab which will display your current satellite information. My location appeared pretty accurately in the map in Mapopolis. Those units that have a built-in rechargeable get longer battery life, but, when the on-board battery runs down, you have to recharge it before the unit can be used.

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When positioned to the side the arm is long enough to rest on the dash with the cabling hanging over the edge. Still a comfortable weight to carry in a pocket or bag.

Having been in business since they are now an established manufacturer of GPS equipment.