Conversion of voltage units to engineering units can be made using the channel scaling within the analog input module or the scaling module outside the analog input module. You can set the trigger event to start a continuous measurement. Select the desired device. Unless you need to add additional or new devices not supported in the Standard Driver. The dialog box allows you to easily add configured hardware. When applicable to a Daq device. After software installation is complete.

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Calculates an octave analysis of the input signal with time domain filters bandwidths: A Hardware Configuration dialog box will appear.

DASYLab® 2016 – Easy-to-Use, Icon-based DAQ Software

Reserve Addresses After assembling the PointScan hardware. Open the hardware configuration dialog. Check the hardware manual for calibration options available and install utilities as necessary.

The configuration file is updated ioech any setting is accepted. You can select other drivers [for any other supported hardware you have] at this time. In the Expansion Selection dialog box. Refer to the upcoming Configuration Files section for details regarding the Configuration File and its storing of hardware settings. If you have a worksheet that will not load. The worksheet ONLY saves the channel number and the gain.


One Series acquires the specified number of blocks. Double-click a connector to enable turn on the associated channel. DASYLab is a data acquisition software application that allows users to configure custom acquisition, analysis, and control applications enhancrd minimal time and without programming. To resolve this conflict bit applications only: Follow the installation wizard configuration screens.

To open the dialog box. If the CD does not auto-start, run the CD start. It can, but mostly it means that all boards have to use the same sample rate, or a divided-down rate.

The CD should auto-start. The worksheet file contains the name and path of the configuration file. The installation automatically performs version verification.

To use a 5B that is not in the supported list. Add and configure your data acquisition device in the control Daq Configuration Control Panel Applet. Continue with step 5 after all channels have been configured. This is accomplished by highlighting each of the virtual channels in the 0 to 15 channel bar and then defining channel parameters as follows: Save the worksheet with the Enhanced Driver active.


Download our latest DASYLab drivers – Data Translation

On the Analog Input dialog box. An Expansions dialog box following figure appears with a list of DBK cards that are available for the particular channel. Notes regarding Daisy Chains.

Synchronous Channels are those that are scanned at the same point in time. We recommend that the default directory and location be used. Note that the worksheet only saves the channel number and gain.

This feature provides a means of converting the incoming voltages to desired engineering units. This is indicated by a black square surrounding the number.