Tour Edge EXS 9. No idea how that plays relative to other shafts. We’d love to have you! Adjust Hybrid Golf Clubs. There is more to a shaft fitting than just flex.

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Advice on Buying Golf Clubs.

Is it hard to reshaft irons?

What Do You Do for a Living? It’s great to learn to do club work on your own.

It’s easy, there’s no mess, and you can reverse the process to take them off if you want to change them or build them up some. I was thinking the same thing. Label all the replacement shafts with the corresponding iron number before you start- it can save you the hassle of admiring your freshly reshafted clubs curing peacefully and noticing that your 6 iron is now mysteriously shorter cna the 7.

Anyway, from the few balls I managed to get into the air, the fitter determined that I should be playing in a regular shaft due to my swing speed. My apologies to the OP if I may have derailed his thread. GolfWRX – the world’s largest and best online golf community.


Too be fair after 20 years the shafts owe the OP nothing! I am 6’4 and swing MPH and that shaft has too low of kick point and is to light. How does one determine what swing weight is right for them and how does one discern one swing weight from another without a tool to measure it?

Buy a new driver or reshaft an old one? – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

Sorry, what shafts are in the Pings? I’m saying all these things with little knowledge of your game, your handicap, and how well you were fitted. I just had my irons reshafted with rifle 6. How much to re-shaft irons?

Can’t imagine putting them back on would be difficult. Adjust Hybrid Golf Clubs. Grateful for any help, as ever.

Reshafting price?

I have fun with it and just make sure the lengths are dan. Shafts or clubheads will not correct that. A few rust flecks on the outside will not make any difference to performance. So that’s the question: Edited by HisAirness, 09 November – Sorry for being a hack everyone, I am an amateur and I will admit it.


Should I reshaft or buy a new driver? Sign In Sign Up. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts?

Then pay him for the time it takes and the fitting on the range to get the set-up correct. Register for free today! Fall colors pre peak.

I am buying a new set of irons due to the fact that mine need re-shafting. Buddyroo, on 10 November – The xs launch out a bit higher than the ctapers.

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