I have problem with performance. Message 3 of Message 6 of I have already used the patch and now I can use all speeds even MB. How can I debug? But you will need to by a license for it.

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I have big problem.

Is it possible that transfer speeds are low? I have problem with performance. Use Grab instead of Snap. Message 6 of Message Edited by danilo on Message 9 of What could cause that? Grab configures ca,era camera once and keeps it configured while you continue to acquire images, which is much faster.

Allied Vision Firewire Camera Resources

Message 5 of Check out each camera in MAX and see what the maximum frame rate is. Snap reconfigures the camera every time it is used, which takes a significant amount of time. Message 2 of Camera has fixed times for comands execution so there shouldnt be any delays, I belive? Cajera your firewire B camera works at MB, it is fine.


Solved: AVT Marlin IEEE camera not shown in MAX – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I also do not use the snap or grab functions instead use the advanced functions to first configure the camera and then to start stop an acquisition. But you will need to by a license for it. I’d like to remind that all camera settings are the same.

It just has to read the next image available. The problem is whay it is working on one computer Marlon and on the another several computers not OK?

AVT has released a so called: Message 1 of That is the best you can possibly get. On my laptop where I have installed development system image acquisition. If it only goes to MB, you need to use a patch to fix it. I’m using legacy driver and the question is why this works OK on one PC and on the another not?

Please provide me any help or sugestions. On my laptop where I have installed development system image acquisition takes around ms and on run time system diferent PC with same HW performance it takes around ms same operation. How can I debug? Bruce Bruce Ammons Ammons Engineering.


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Before each acquisition I must reconfigure camera setings even video mode is sometimes necessary so GRAB mode i s not something I like or need.

Message 4 of I use camera in SNAP mode.

Message 10 of Message 7 of