If you do not know what cable you have, you can use the apctest program to determine the type of the cable. Just send a new message and start a new thread, otherwise the threading in the archive gets messed up. There are many ways one could set up multiple apcupsd instances. You can skip this section if your UPS has a serial RSC or Ethernet interface or if you are not running one of the platforms listed above. This timer starts only when the UPS is running on batteries.

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No other arguments should be required, and your setup and platform should be detected automatically by configure. Then add as many monitors as you wish as described above. Currently the maintainer is aerial gcc All the standard apcupsd options can be used on the Windows version. This event is generated when apcupsd detects that the UPS battery has been reconnected after a battdetach event.

If you wish to have the UPS recalibrate the remaining runtime calculations, you can do so manually as the current version of apcupsd does not support this feature. In reading the file, it can be apupsd be read a record at a time, or in one big read. Likewise, shutting down apcupsd should be done with the same script:.

After this run time has been completed, the original Estimated Run Time is compared with the actual run time. If you are not able to insert the above code in your halt script because there is no halt script, or because your halt script calls the init program as some Unix systems do, you can either just forget serisl powering off the UPS, which means that your machine will not automatically reboot after a power failure, or there is yet another alternative, though not at all as satisfying as inserting code in the halt script.


If you have a serial-line UPS, there are some tests you should run before the general ones described in the Testing Apcupsd section.

To do so, you must be root. If this is not the case, review the possible problems listed above. In reply to this post by ptau Please don’t reply to messages with unrelated questions. One possible problem during shutdown can be caused by remnants apucpsd old versions.

How to set up apcupsd with USB/RS-232 adapter

This would usually indicate that you need to either decrease the load or install new batteries. This file contains the configuration settings for the package. Most users will not use this mode. The appropriate manual way to startup apcupsd is by executing:.

Users – How to set up apcupsd with USB/RS adapter

Please refer to the configuration section of this manual for more details. Search everywhere only in this topic.

You can determine the load by looking at the output of the apcaccess status command while apcupsd is running. Trap catching can lead to problems if you are already running another SNMP trap daemon on your server.


Unfortunately, the details are different for each system. You will find a complete reference later in this chapter. Hendrick beginning inand we want to give credit for good, hard work, where credit is due. An example could be the following:. Other versions of gcc from serizl sources may also work.

The following table describes the single character “Code” or command that you can send to the UPS, its meaning, and what sort of response the UPS will provide. Sign up using Facebook.

Installation and Configuration of a APC UPS using apcupsd

The protocol is much simpler and potentially more secure than SNMP. Check to see if apcupsd supports your operating system see Supported Operating Systems.

When the powerout action is invoked by apcupsd, apccontrol will first give control to your script. But it’s easy to prevent this, and you should. All others report