The Intel site for Hyper-Threading Technology is located at http: This is like turning a 3. Page 1 of 1. There’s not much more for me to tell you about the PE and GE chipsets that you can’t deduce from here. While Extreme Graphics Architecture improves 3D rendering compared to Intels earlier integrated video chipsets, the and series chipsets, which had no 3D functions at all, its performance and features still lag behind even current mid-range video chipsets from nVidia and ATI. Meanwhile, their hardware partners in Taiwan and China also ship a tremendous number of boards using Intel chipsets.

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Voldenuit It’s nice of Chipet to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays. Intel Website Resources Get more details about the family and other Intel chipset from the Intel Chipsets page at http: It’s nice of Krogoth to fill in for Chuckula over the holidays.

And you can check out our story on how the G handled 3D gaming. To be able to activate and utilize the HT Technology, you will need the following: They like to hang back, make sure all the standards are finalized and the interoperability is there before they do anything.

Intel announces DDR Chipsets: 3-way PE shootout

Anandtechs review of the G and E chipsets http: The chipsets are listed in power from left to right, and are separated by whether they have integrated video or not. We also covered the Ewhich updated the with support for the MHz frontside bus. Conclusion The chipset family from Intel offers a wide range of performance and features, no matter what level of system performance you want. A fancy PE motherboard like this makes sense, because the PE chipset is, like its predecessor the E, Intel’s entry in the performance desktop market.


This is also called Thread-level parallelism, or TLPand the new 3. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Intel PE Chipset Finally Sinks RDRAM – ExtremeTech

Rapid Pixel and Texel Rendering Engine cgipset pipelines to overlap 2D and 3D operations, provides 8x data compression to improve the use of memory bandwidth, and features a multi-tier cache for 3D operations.

Dynamic Video Memory Technology manages memory sharing between display, applications and the operating system depending upon the memory requirements of the programs running. Intel says these expanded BIOS options are here to stay, too, so Intel boards should be a little more adjustable from here out. Log in Don’t have an account?

Intel 845PE Chipset Finally Sinks RDRAM

Intel has released quite a few chipsets in Please check back later. If you need USB 2.

While integrated video reduces system costs up-front, most integrated chipsets leave users dangling when its time to improve performance because they dont offer an AGP 4x slot. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. With memory timings set aggressively, I’m happy to report that these boards perform 845ppe well. There’s even an optional dancing midget. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

Motherboards using various members of the family are available from Intel and most other major motherboard vendors. Beyond these similarities, however, the seven different members of the are quite different.


Toms Hardwares reviews of motherboards using the G include http: In a survey of recent reviews from noted chipse review sources, its clear that the PE and GE chipsets are the fastest members of the family, thanks in large part to support chkpset DDR memory and a MHz FSB speed.

The integrated video in the GE is not quite as fast as a chipsst AGP 4x card, but the integrated video can be disabled and replaced by an AGP 4x card for greater performance if desired. Surveying Blue Mountain The biggest surprise of this whole experience for me has been playing with Intel’s new PE-based motherboard.

There’s not much more for me to tell you about the PE and GE chipsets that you can’t deduce from here. Comparing the Chipsets With seven different models to choose from, selecting the right series chipset can be tricky. Intel built its core logic reputation on a foundation of stability and compatibility. In keeping with its support for fast memory, the GE models integrated graphics runs at a core speed of MHz, while the G models integrated graphics chipsdt at only MHz.

845e I really spend a perfectly good weekend testing core-logic chipsets and making graphs?