Hope it works edit2: I wanna play BF1 without this error happening after 2 hours of gameplay. It took me maybe 15 minutes before I figured a way out of it, which involved getting into safe mode on boot the F8 thing and doing a system restore. It’s working with no problems on my GTX Like Chrome, for instance.

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Anyone else getting this? Remember, there is absolutely no rush to update your driver and you should just wait a few days. I had to reboot into safe mode and use DDU and now all is back to normal.

I just updated Chrome without updating the driver and now have the artifacts.

Will keep an eye on this when new driver came out. Yup, duet display was the trouble maker.

Update: NVIDIA Releases 375.63 WHQL Driver update

My nvidla immediately fail on this driver. The latency practically non-existent now. Did I mention Civ VI faded to black on exit and never went to my desktop no matter how hard I tried shirt of logging out or restarting?


I didn’t have that issue at all until I updated to this driver. I used to have latency issues and I just updated my bios and boom!

nVIDIA GeForce Driver bit –

Please visit the following Google Documents for full detailed information on how to do Fresh Driver Install. Anyone else have this issue? I even got a “IRQ less or not equal” or some such, able to move my mouse around while the screen went all flickery and colourful again like a card OC’d too far. I am assuming its not just coincidence for me.

Quadro Desktop/Quadro Notebook Driver Release 375

Probably the newer GFE is being bundled now. If using Chrome, I disabled “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available”, in settings at the very bottom,and this seemed to fix bandaid that issue. The bottom one jumped really high when I opened up a new web page. With the evil monkey in your closet!!

My computer just blue screen and no longer POST’s shit.

I will not be installing these again, obviously: They were packaging GFE version 2. If anybody nviddia a fix tho i’m all ears. I had the same issues too when I rolled back to an older driver until I clean installed that older driver instead. It has been reported hundreds of times.


New patch causes Battlefield 1 to crash upon loading the map. The game seems to have had something permanently mess it up, I’ve tried all drivers available on nvidia’s driver page nidia none work. Do i need to read and follow everything in this post? All i have to say is. The software only path, aka CPU only, is the baseline “slow but dependable” way to get stuff done.

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? All disabled, did you have this problem as well? Happened also with Having Issues with your driver?

I managed to solve this issue by adding voltage or lowering core overclock slightly. They might include the 3. The driver’s purpose is not to resolve folding issue, but nviria resolve well known issues with certain monitor configurations.