See Perry et al for a discussion of how much information can be reliably extracted from gap fraction data. Import A records from the above file into the below files Procedure 3. Second, the measurements should be corrected for scattering. Get to Know Us. Enter the X and Z sensor position. Place the item to be scanned face-down on the scanner glass.

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If you are doing Match Method 1 or 2, repeat step 6 as necessary, creating more below files.

HP Scanjet c and Windows 8 | NotebookReview

Measure the distance between where the B readings were taken and the centerline of the hedge X offset Not finding what you are looking for? However, in dense canopies less distance may be required, because the sensor may not be able to see that far through the canopy. Be sure to review the practical considerations in Dealing with Sky Conditions and Canopy Types prior to collecting actual data because the use of improper measurement techniques will result in poor data quality.

In this example, the plant is a hemispherical shrub with measured path lengths of 0. Click the Recompute button.


Use the academic search engines below to find references to the LAI or the LAI in many peer reviewed scientific publications. How to remove scattered radiation in gap fraction measurements?

Check the Change Vertical Profile button, then select Edit…. Only 10 left in stock – order soon. Making Basic Measurements Operation: Measure a number of X, Z coordinates meters to characterize the vertical profile, perpendicular to the centerline, ajd the hedge.

This information may not be of particular interest to everyone, but it is wise to make sure the numbers seem at least reasonable. Follow the steps below to install the HP Scanjet C scanner. The data file for this shrub looks something like this: Also, the an range of the sensor does not correspond to the PAR annd, so it should not be used as a PAR sensor.

Start the Above wand autologging Procedure 2.

The interpretation and automatic measurement of hemispherical photographs to obtain sunlit foliage area and gap frequency. You can set up the XP mode and install the scanner within the virtual computer. This method is best suited to a clear blue day.

At the A site, log a 4A or wnd sequence depending on the size of the clearing. Transfer the file to FV Procedure 3.


HP Scanjet C Scanner – Set up the Scanner | HP® Customer Support

HP Scanjet c Flatbed The following options are presented:. Hold the optical sensor below the canopy level and oriented in the same direction as the above-canopy reading was and press the LOG button to record a Below reading.

On the correct estimation of gap fraction: Check the Change Canopy Model box. A Gap fraction data at different angles potentially hold two types of information: Enter the remaining scattering inputs step 6 of Procedure 3. Q How short 2200x a canopy be and still get good measurements? Scanned files may need to be put on an external drive to transfer them between the two “computers”. Send an email to our authors to leave your feedback.

LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer

Crop structure and the penetration of direct sunlight. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Don’t see what you’re looking for?